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Do you ever have a dream that just out right reveals what your true thoughts and desires are. Its a little disturbing, especially when you spend an entire year of your life suppressing that truth. Well, that is what I just woke up from and it brought tears to my eyes.

When I left animation school, I was devastated. I really did like living in the city be there really wasn't the money for it. So, I did my best to convince myself that I really didn't want to be an artist and that it shouldn't have any place in my heart. I really didn't know how else to cope and spent last school year in the accounting program at the community college. It really didn't take long to find out that that was the wrong place for me.

Gradually, I realized the art really is my life and I had to face it. So I decided to do digital arts this fall. By now you are probably wondering about that dream I mentioned. Well, I'll tell you.

I was in dream school. It was the first day of the new semester and I was attending some business type class. The teacher was great and he liked me, but I just didn't like the class or the program. I decided that I must go back to my love of art. I had to face some fears to get there but I chose to anyway. I told Ani that I have to do this and that this is who I am. Then I woke up.

I almost started crying. It was the first time that a dream had really bitch slapped me with the truth before. Sometimes the truth can be hard to face but sometimes, I guess, you just have to face it.

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paige said...

Hello Morgan, thank you so much for the lovely words on my blog. I'm glad to see that you are following your dreams, even if it took a slightly weird dream to get you there. (Loved the idea of "Dream School")

It won't be an easy challenge. I've been working as an artist for over a decade and not always made very much money, etc. Sometimes, you might need to supplement with other kinds of work, but just draw every day, learn what you can by observing and experimenting with different pencils, pens, paints, etc. And don't forget to have fun and make mistakes too. I'm wishing you all the best!