A Poem

Sometimes life is hard to live with all its trials and tribulations
It seems a never ending stream of sadness, anger, devastations
Another bill, another end
The loss of just the smallest friend
It makes me want to sit and cry
Why is it that we even try?

Because there is another day
And good thing could come our way
A brand new plan for changing life
an ease up for the current strife
Maybe there's a brand new friend
A way to feel good again

I just noticed a few minutes ago that Coda, my hamster, is dead. I needed some way to express it and a poem was it. A sketch just wasn't going to work for me this time. It is going to be hard to go to work in a couple of hours but it will have to happen.
Ani and I are now petless. I really never thought I would get so upset over the deaths of our hamsters. They really are very small little friends, but they must have made quite an impact.

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