Lei and Kissi are going to be coming to paperback. The first volume of Lei tells the story of why she left animation school. She gets trapped in a house with a crazy old woman and goes to an ice cream shop. Kissi is, of course, there along the way and even saves the day.

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Illustration Friday: Cats


steve said...

Love the big glossy eyes and crooked smile on this little fella! The puppy photo below is adorable as well.

margrethill34606251 said...

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Michelle said...

This blog is here to get information out about our fledgling animation company. I love to hear what people think, but I do not like advertisements. The comments are for readers to communicate with us not to solicite us. I will NOT be going to pennystockinvestment or any other site that is obviuosly advertising. Thank You.

spunwithtears said...

great illustration

Monkey Freak said...

That is so cute.
I like it.