The Book

This is Lei, volume one. For those of you who have read the Lei's Manga blog, this is the paper form and then some. When I first began writing Lei I posted a page a day of the actual book on Lei's Manga. As my life got busier I posted a page a week. Then as I drew nearer to the end of the first book, I realized that people would probably not buy something they had already read and stopped posting the pages all togather. So, now you can buy the book here. You can still get a sample of it on Morgan Media.

I am working on volume 2 right now. It is slow going due to all of the other things going on in my life (Morgan Media, work, ect.). Lei spends sometime working at an ice cream shop and as a babysitter, via our contest winner Chris. She will also make it to the stage, don't want to give away too much. On top of everything else, Lei will be getting a head to toe makeover. I will post an excerpt of the winning job idea, babysitter, soon and we will have another job contest in August, so keep your idea on the back burner, details comming soon.

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The Tart said...

Adorable book!

BTW ... I love your avatar ... beautifully done!

The Tart
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