One Year

Morgan's Bubble has been on the web for one year now. We have had 5,210 visitors on our site. That is aproximately 15 people a day. Yay for us. I concider that to be quite a few visitors for our first year. A lot has happened in that year. Hunny Bear was in the tribecca short film festival. We finished 3 other short animations, view here. Lei's Manga blog was started. Ani's Tail blog was started, and demolished. Ani made about 8 posts in about 6 months, so he can post an Morgan's bubble once in a while if he likes. We also opened for business. This next year we want to post lots more artwork, pictures and links. We also want to double our number of visitors; next year's total should be 15,ooo. Thanks for keeping an eye on our blog and enjoy the upcoming year.

By Adam Morgan

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