Last night a group of punk kids where sliding down our driveway (the snow stuck for the first time). That wasn't so bad. Then they started to throw snowballs at our house which made Chaucer start barking and woke up Jayne. Adam finally went out to get rid of them. He said the oldest was probably 12 and the youngest was probably 5. He brought his whip out and cracked it which scared the crap out of them and proceeded to tell them the circumstances inside the house. They said they were sorry and Adam said they weren't because they were still here and cracked the whip again. He said a couple of the younger ones were crying as they all ran away. Adam's so protective of us. He's our hero getting rid of those kids. He went out again after they were gone and it turned out they had been pouring water on the end of our driveway to make it easier to slide on. Great for them but we don't want our car to slide down it. We have a very steep driveway. Hopefully they don't come back. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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Kris said...

Stupid kids... But you also have to remember that they don't realize how stupid some of their decisions are... But I'm not excusing them.

I started laughing really hard when I read that Adam brought out the whip!