A New Me

Hi everyone. I am having a hard time typing. My depth perception is a little off. I just got my new glasses about half an hour ago. I haven't gotten new lenses since before we got married and that is over 3 years ago. We asked the guy how much my perscription had changed and it was around 1.25. He said they usually have people get new lenses if it changes .25, so you can only imagine how bad my vision has been. I was going to get new ones last year, but I was an eensie bit pregnant and that can change your vision. Why get new lenses when you would just have to get new ones again after the baby is born. The new glasses look much differant in person, but here is an idea.

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Kris said...

I do like you new glasses, but I'll have to come visit you soon so I can see them in person!