Fun at the Zoo

We had so much fun at the zoo today. We didn't get to see the farm animals, but we saw lots inside. Jayne's favorite was the fish. We got there just in time for the feeding, so we learned a lot about the aquarium. Jayne's favorite fish just happened to be the one that has been at the zoo longer than any other. It has been at the zoo for about 25 years and is slightly smaller than a bed pillow. He reached for it every time it passed by him. His other 2 favorites were the turtles and the wolverines. He also liked watching the lynx, who kept coming up and looking at him. I can't wait to take him again, but I'm exhausted, so I will. I am very tired so I will only add a couple of favorite pics, enjoy : ) (We did not get the hat, it didn't come in a size we liked.)

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