Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Jayne finally got up close and personal with his favorite animal, the COW! We even went to the cow milking. We also got to see both tigers up close. One walked right past him. In the pic Jayne is actually standing up. So, that is how big a tiger is compared to Jayne! He didn't like the fish as much this time around. He kept snuggling into my shoulder. Afterward we went to Ikea. We got a new light for the kitchen and one for the downstairs bathroom. Adam put them in this morning and they look really nice. Jayne's first tooth has deffinately popped out of his gums and he has also said his first word, DOG! We had a hard time deciding if it was actually his first word or not (if he knew what he was saying). We finally decided that he does. He only ever says dog when he sees one. It is pretty cute. He will look at Chaucer and say dog. So, we celebrated yesterday because I am working from 2-11 today. I wish all the moms a happy Mother's day : )

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