Soooo Busy!

I have been so busy between My new job and Jayne. I thought I would take a minute to give everyone a little update on my little family : )

Jayne has 2 teeth now and is always getting into everything. He moves around like crazy. We started giving him some solids, mostly Cheerios. The 2 of us brought his Auntie Nicole to the zoo last Monday. Jayne even got to see a baby cow and pet a goat. He had lots of fun.

Adam and I are working on a garden. We don't have much lawn, so we are doing it in pots along the side of the driveway. I will post pics when we get it all set up. We did 2 hanging baskets, 1 romaine letuce and 1 spinach. Turns out they are too heavy for the shepard hook so they are on the ground. We are also going to have 1 pot of strawberries, 1 carotts and 2 with tomatoes. The tomatoes and strawberries have already sprouted inside so those will just get transplanted.
My friend Sarah asked me to be in her wedding which is VERY exciting. We also got a Wii and Wii Fit. We really like it and spend a lot of time playing with it. I guess that is about all for right now. Talk to you all the next time I get a chance : )

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