Too Much Fun

We had a very busy, but fun, day today. We went to Como Zoo and MN Zoo today. We did Como Zoo first. Jayne was scared of all the big animals that were really close to the glass, like the gorilla, lions, bison. It was really small. We are so used to the size of MN Zoo, since we have a membership, that we forget just how small Como is. Then we say the conservatory at Como. We started in the kids area. Jayne loved that. He got to spalsh in the water and crawl through a "tree trunk". He was scared of the animals in there too (they were statues). My favorite display was the sunken garden. There were so many flowers and the fountains were beautiful. Jayne liked looking at the plants and flowers too. By the end he was fast asleep. Then we went to MN Zoo. We saw the new Russia's Grizzly Coast exhibit. It is really nice. We got to see the sea otters, bears and wild boars. We checked out the rest of the outside trail and and the MN trail and finally came home. We will all be sleeping well tonight. What a great way to start our vacation : )

I have so many pics that I don't know what to pick : P ...So here are quite a few to look at:

I got these great shots of the giraffe and made a cute poster out of it. I will be adding this image to my Morgan's Bubble gift shop too.

playing in the kids area @ the conservatory.
Check out the new hair cut : )

Sunken garden

This is for Auntie Nicole...Sea otters!
Grizzly bear @ Grizzly coast

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