Light at the End of the Tunnel

Those of you that have been following Morgan's Bubble for a while now will recognize this pic. It started as a doodle and turned into a character. Today Adam finlly finished animating Ants Have Lots of Protein. Wehave been working on this short for a long time and, while we haven't set the date yet, It should be live on our site in August! We still have editing and folly work to do, but the end is near. We are going to be running a very fun contest which will coincide with the release of the video (info will be given in another post). We are all very excited to get started on our next project. Especially Steven, who got assigned the worst possible job on the Ants animation...LIPSYNKING! I don't want to give away too much info about our next project, but I will say that it is called Bought, It is the largest undertaking we have ever attempted, the script for part 1 (yes, there is so much that we have to do it in more than 1 part) is completed, and the story boards are well underway. It is a very exciting time at Morgan Media. Keep an eye out for info about our Antify me contest!

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