Happy Camping Birthday!

We went camping over the weekend at Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa. We also had Jayne's first 1st birthday party while we were there. We decided that since it was his very first birthday we wanted everyone to be able to be a part of it. So, we split it into 2 parties so that Jayne wouldn't get too overwhelmed. He had a great time and got lots of wonderful gifts. He has given them all about equal attention which I thought was strange. I thought he might pick a couple of favorites and play mostly with them but that was not the case. We can't wait to take him camping again next year : )

I will walk you through allthe shots below. I really had a hard time picking out just a few.

1. Jayne wears his Go Diego Go! birthday hat for about 2 minutes (tops)
2. Jayne Opens presents. Diego Phone (says his name) and Diego sand molds from us

3. Singing happy birthday by Jayne's penguin cake

4. Jayne just ate his cake

5. Jayne and Mommy

6. Jayne and Daddy

7. Jayne plays with his molds in the sand

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