It's Coming Along

We have really done a lot to the house since we first bought it. I thought I would share some of the pics of what we have done. The kitchen was by far our biggest project this year and I think it really turned out great : )

1. This is the kitchen on the day we moved in.

2. This is the kitchen after we refinished the cabinets and painted. We also put up a new light fixture and under cabinet lighting.

3. The big gray section is our movie screen and we painted and put up curtains in the living room.

4. We painted the downstairs and turned it into a play room. We aren't done yet. We are going to do the same effect on the paneling as we did in the hallway.

5. We painted the bathroom, put in a new floor, and replaced the mismatched toilet. I also put up wallpaper frogs.
6. You can sort of see the new front door we put in. The old one was a dark wood door. We painted and on the stripes of the paneling we did the same color (though it looks differant in the pic). Every other stripe is satin paint and the others are semi-gloss. It really gives a nice and subtle effect.

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