Weddings and Apples

Last night we attended Kris' wedding and it was so beautiful. We really had a great time and made some interesting memories. When we went to the bathroom I put Jayne down so I could go and after got out his diaper. When I turned to get him he was standing at the toilet splashing in the water! Yes I had already flushed btw. The center peices had goldfish in them which was pretty cool. The pic at the top is the chalk pastel portrait that I made for their gift. Pics below.
Daddy and Jayne
3 fish in our bowl, They also did stories for kisses instead of bells
Mommy and Jayne
Kris and Otto's first dance

Today we went to the apple orchard. We got lots of apples and had a lot of fun. We checked out some in the rochester area. Northwood has a lot of fun stuff, like animals and wood cutouts. Pics below.
Jayne IS the apple of our eye
Playin' in the hay I'm 2 1/2 feet high! Such a sweet pic : )

Sorry for so many pics this time around. Imagine how may I didn't include ; )

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