Another Wedding

Another wedding has come and gone, my cousin Greg's. It was the last one for the year, thank God! I love weddings, but every other week is a little much for me. We really had a good time and we remembered Jayne's bowtie : ) Unfortunately it was at the expence of forgeting the gift (picture to right). Jayne was a very good and somewhat quiet for the wedding. We even got a little footage of him walking (cause he's doing that now, I know I really haven't told anyone yet). We also stayed at a hotel for the first time with Jayne. It was a lot of fun. He loved playing in the room and it was an eavening full of laughter. He really liked the pool too. It was the first time we ever brought him into a big pool. We decided that we really need to stay at hotels more often than we have been (once every 4 years). Here are some of the best pics from the wedding and the video of Jayne walking (no sound). video

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