G Diapers

We love Jayne's new G Diapers! First of all, They are way cuter than regular diapers. Second, They don't get all pilled up and nasty when he plays in just them unlike regular disposables. And last bu not least, they are biodegradable unlike regular disposables which apparently take 500 years to go back into the earth. Can you imagine what 500 years worth of diapers will look like? Well I can imagine that, but I won't dare imagine the smell! We came across these diapers at the Think Green Fair. We checked out the website (gdiapers.com) and decided that we wanted to give them a try. They are a little more expensive than the Luvs that we normally get, but are compareable to the price of Pampers and Huggies. We got the starter kit at the Good Food store in Rochester and they have the refills too. They are a great alternative to disposable and much easier to clean up than cloth. Below is information from their website. We are only using them about 50% of the time now, but that is at least 50% less diapers piling up in a dump. Please pass this information on to anyone that you think might be able to use it. Jayne is currently in a Medium size, so he should be able to wear them till he pottytrains : )

The best of cloth and disposable in an earth-friendly diaper.
gDiapers consist of a washable, cotton outer “little g” pant and a plastic-free flushable diaper refill. They are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So, babies stay dry and happy and are far less likely to get diaper rash.
Flush, compost or toss.
Can't flush? It's ok to toss our flushable diaper refills because they're plastic-free. Or garden compost the wet ones. They'll break down in 50-150 days.

A totally new way to think about diapers.
Once you get the hang of it, the whole process will seem as normal as recycling your newspaper.
In the beginning, you may have an icky encounter until you get into the groove of using gDiapers.
You can also compost the wet ones or simply toss the soiled refill. It will break down in the landfill in about 90 days vs. up to 500 years for a disposable. Ah, the beauty of plastic-free diapers.
Learn how to flush the flushable diaper refills and how to get the perfect gDiaper fit.

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