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True Bride (page 9)

Eventually, they came to the cellar door. "You will get it good if the cellar is not fully stocked with fine wines," warned her stepmother. Elise watched as her stepmother opened the door to the cellar and went inside. The door closed behind her and vanished. She ran to the wall and pounded on it, shouting, "Stepmother, stepmother, where have you gone." She was surprised to hear a small reply from behind her. "Fair maiden, as the door has vanished, so too has your wicked stepmother. She can torment you no longer." "Thank you tiny mouse," she said as she turned around, but the tiny mouse was already gone.

Midtown Flyer

I am working on a full page, cull color Flyer for my boss. I love getting paid to do this stuff : ) Anyhow, he is leaving the whole layout up to me. He wants it to be eyecatching. He hasn't told me what the actual content will be yet but here is the layout design I came up with. It is a little more contemporary than his current ad in the stewie star but has some similar components. This will be in the Post Bulletin, so a lot of people will see it and I want it to be good. I would really appreciate any feedback that anyone might have! Oh...and the logos at the bottom are temporary, he is supposed to be getting the actual files to me soon : )

True Bride (page 8)

When later she awoke, she rubbed her eyes in disbelief; before her stood a towering palace, fit for the wealthiest of kings. Elise entered through the large door and found that the insides of the palace were adorned with the finest of furniture and tapestries. "if my stepmother could reside in this glorious palace, she would surely soften her heart to me," she thought, and she ran to fetch her stepmother.

Her stepmother was astonished at the sight of the finished palace and became quite furious with the girl, for how could she have finished the task. I must still inspect the interior," she said to Elise, "and you had better hope that I am not left wanting." The two entered the great palace. They explored room after room and try as she might, she could not find even one corner that left her wanting.


Well, Adam has not been enjoying his job for some time now and I have really wanted him to find another job. He got a part-time job at Fareway when it opened in Stewartville this past week with the hopes that it would result in a full-time position not less than 3 months from now. Last night we came home to a message from his new boss to come see him and he came back with a full-time position, after working only 3 days! He put in his notice at work and I can't wait for him to be done. It has been a long time since I have seen him so happy going to work and I really think he will like working there.

This also means that we will have health insurance again...which means we will be able to start trying for another baby : ) I'm so glad that he will be somewhere with benefits and that actually cares about their employees. He also won't have to commute anymore. I'm just so excited I can hardly contain it.

Well, I'm pretty much worn out from not being able to sleep (from ex…

True Bride (page 7)

"Kind mouse, not even you can help me this day," she cried. "I am to build a grand palace in this field by this very night and I am quite afraid of the beating I shall receive when I do not complete my task." The mouse gave the girl a look of reassurance and patted her hand. "You are weary from years of worry and must rest. I will see to this difficult task in your stead." She did as she was bid and lie down in the tall grass, where she quickly fell asleep.

True Bride (page 6)

In the morning the stepmother said to Elise, "Go to the field in the north and build me a fine palace by this evening." The poor girl was filled with fear and replied, "But, how can I possibly finish such a feat?" "I will hear no buts," she snapped, "If you can drain a pond with a spoon with a hole in it, you can certainly build a palace. I must have it tonight and should it leave me wanting in even one kitchen or cellar, you will pay a high price." The stepmother shooed Elise out the door and she ran as fast as her feet would carry her, to the north most field.

She pushed and pushed on the largest stones but could not move them as far as one inch. Even if she could move them all, she knew that there were not enough to construct the smallest wall of the smallest palace. Elise knew not what she could do and flung herself to the ground, sobbing hopelessly. Shortly, the little mouse appeared and asked softly, "What troubles are upon you today p…

True Bride (page 5)

Elise sat at the edge of the water and cried, and as she cried she heard a small voice say, "young maid, do not cry, for I will listen to your troubles." Said she, "Dear mouse, I am to empty every last drop of water from the pond by using this spoon that clearly has a hole in it. I fear it is quite impossible little mouse." The mouse replied, "Dry your tears and get some rest, when you awake your work shall be done." She did as she was bid and fell asleep under a shady willow tree.

When she woke, she saw that the pond was dry as the desert and the mouse had once again vanished. Elise went to her stepmother and told her that the job was done. "It’s about time," she scolded, "You should have finished long ago." With that the stepmother stormed off to plot a much more difficult task.

True Bride (page 4)

The next morning the stepmother handed Elise a spoon, saying, "take this spoon and empty the pond in the garden with it, and mind you know what will happen if there is so much as one drop of water in it by this evening." As the stepmother took her leave, the girl’s eyes began to well with tears, for she could plainly see that the spoon had a large hole in the center of it. Try as she might, she could not remove even the tiniest drop of water with the spoon. Still, she tried. She tried and tried until it was late in the afternoon and the pond was still completely full.

Ture Bride (page 3)

When she awoke, she saw that every last feather had been stripped and bagged and the tiny mouse had vanished. "Thank you tiny mouse," she whispered into the empty room, and she sat down to await the evening. When the stepmother entered the room that evening, she was quite disappointed to see that the girl had completed her task. "Simple girl," she cried "Do you not see what you should have done. You finished your task but could you not find another task to begin instead of sitting with your hands in your lap?" She left the room then, muttering, "I must set her to some harder task."

The True Bride (pages 1 & 2)

I am writing a Children's book (probably a couple) for Jayne for Christmas this year. I thought I would serialize it on my blog, so that everyone can get a good sample of it. I will be publishing it on when I am done and it will be for sale. I will put up ordering info when the time comes : ) Enjoy!
The True Bride: As Told By Michelle Morgan Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young maiden named Elise. She lost her mother when she was a small girl, and her stepmother was terribly cruel to her. Each morning Elise was given a difficult task to complete by the evening. Her stepmother always gave her much more work than one person could possibly do and Elise would work her hardest, with out pity to complete her tasks. No matter how hard she worked, she could not please the wicked woman.

One morning the stepmother said to Elise, "Here are twelve pounds of feathers to strip and bag, and if you are not finished by this evening, you will get yourself a good beating."…