True Bride (page 8)

When later she awoke, she rubbed her eyes in disbelief; before her stood a towering palace, fit for the wealthiest of kings. Elise entered through the large door and found that the insides of the palace were adorned with the finest of furniture and tapestries. "if my stepmother could reside in this glorious palace, she would surely soften her heart to me," she thought, and she ran to fetch her stepmother.

Her stepmother was astonished at the sight of the finished palace and became quite furious with the girl, for how could she have finished the task. I must still inspect the interior," she said to Elise, "and you had better hope that I am not left wanting." The two entered the great palace. They explored room after room and try as she might, she could not find even one corner that left her wanting.

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