Well, Adam has not been enjoying his job for some time now and I have really wanted him to find another job. He got a part-time job at Fareway when it opened in Stewartville this past week with the hopes that it would result in a full-time position not less than 3 months from now. Last night we came home to a message from his new boss to come see him and he came back with a full-time position, after working only 3 days! He put in his notice at work and I can't wait for him to be done. It has been a long time since I have seen him so happy going to work and I really think he will like working there.

This also means that we will have health insurance again...which means we will be able to start trying for another baby : ) I'm so glad that he will be somewhere with benefits and that actually cares about their employees. He also won't have to commute anymore. I'm just so excited I can hardly contain it.

Well, I'm pretty much worn out from not being able to sleep (from excitement) so I am going to try and take a nap now.

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