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Awaiting the Proof

Well, my book is finally published and available to order! I am awaiting my proof copy. I will get all the links and order information out as soon as I aprove the proof. I would hate to sell a bunch just to find out that there is some huge mistake inside : O

The True Bride (conclusion)

On the second night there was a gown that glowed like the moon and a crescent of jewels to adorn her hair. The prince was entranced by her beauty this second night and forgot his other bride completely, but still did not remember his true bride, Elise. The prince danced with Elise alone until the night drew to a close and the princess took her leave.
The last night Elise found a gown that glittered like all the stars of heaven above and adorned herself with glittering diamonds to match. The prince took her arm the moment she entered the room and as they danced their first dance of the evening, the prince asked, "Who are you, my darling? I feel as though I have known you before." "Have you forgotten," she replied, "What I did when you left me?" She leaned toward him and kissed his left cheek. At once, a fog lifted from the prince’s eyes and he embraced his true bride. "I must stay here no longer," he declared and they left the ball and rode home t…

The True Bride (page 16)

The following night Elise went to her closet and upon opening it she found a shimmering gown that shown like the sun. From the moment she entered the ballroom, the prince could not take his eyes off her. The prince went up to her, but did not recognize her. They danced together for the whole of the night, and as dawn neared, the princess stole away for home.

The True Bride (page 15)

The mouse instructed Elise to wait till nightfall for his return. She did as the mouse bid and when nightfall came, the mouse returned. "Kind maid, your beloved has been put under a terrible spell and is set to marry the king’s daughter." The king was holding a ball for the next 3 nights and the mouse told her of his plan for her to attend the ball to win back her beloved prince.

The True Bride (pages 13 & 14)

After two years had passed, there came a proclamation that the king’s daughter was to be wed. Elise sat with her calf each day and watched as numerous travelers went by on their way to the palace. One day, by chance, she saw her beloved prince come riding up the road. She sang her song to the little calf.

Little calf, come kneel down
Do not forget your shepherd maid
Like the kind and handsome prince

Who forgot the promise he had made
The prince heard her song and stopped his horse. He looked down at the girl with her calf as if trying to remember some forgotten dream. Having not remembered the girl, however, he continued on his way. Elise felt as though she had been stabbed in the heart. "My beloved prince has forgotten me," she cried. She trudged home, forgotten and forlorn. When she reached her humble home, she wept as she had never wept before, with a broken heart. "What troubles you so dear maid, for I have not yet seen you so distressed." Elise looked up at the tabl…

The True Bride (pages 11 & 12)

One day, the two were standing under an apple tree in the garden, talking, when the prince said to Elise, "I will go to my father and get his blessing for our marriage. Wait for me in the shade of this apple tree, for it will take but a few hours." "I will wait for you here," she replied, kissing him on his left cheek. "However, you must stay true to me and let no one kiss your left cheek but me." The prince agreed and went on his way. Elise waited patiently as the hours went by. The hours continued to pass until darkness fell over the garden. She waited from morning to night for three days. On the fourth day she determined that her beloved prince must have fallen into some grave misfortune and set out to find him.

The worried girl traveled far and wide across the land, searching for her beloved. Everywhere she went, she asked about the prince, but it was to no avail, for not a one had seen him. Devastated, Elise hired herself to a farmer as a shepherdess.…


Well, we did not win the aspire one laptop comercial contest : ( We still feel like we did an excelent job though and it is a great addition to our portfolio since we are thinking of turning Morgan Media into an advertising/commision based company. So, shortly after receiving our generic "everyone did a great job, stay tuned to see who won" e-mail, we got another e-mail from the same guy from aspire one. Here is how it has played out so far...

Aspire one guy-
Although you were not one of the winners, I thought the creativity and the quality product was very good.
If you had hi res images and possibly a New Unit how much better could you make a video HD?

Let me know

The 3D model of the aspire one I made was based on the a coulpe of pictures I found on the sight. With demisions and better images I could have made the laptop more detailed. but without them I had to match his model with the scene I made for him. So yes I could make it better quality, possibly close to HD pe…

True Bride (page 10)

The majestic castle now belonged to Elise. She resided there, without wanting; for the pantries were always filled with delicious foods and the closets were filled with the most beautiful gowns. The wonderful mouse had even provided her with servants, to whom she always treated with great kindness.

News traveled quickly of the kind and lovely princess that was living alone in palace. Soon Elise was visited every day by suitor after suitor. None of them could please the girl and were sent away. Over time there came a prince that matched her kindness and the two fell deeply in love.

So Sweet

Sunday night we brought home Horton Hears a Who. All 4 of us (including the dog) sat on the couch together and watched it. Well, as you can see, not all of us made it through the whole movie ; ) Jayne did wake up just long enough to eat a bite of Daddy's birthday cake though! I just love getting to snuggle with my little boy...and Chaucer.