The True Bride (conclusion)

On the second night there was a gown that glowed like the moon and a crescent of jewels to adorn her hair. The prince was entranced by her beauty this second night and forgot his other bride completely, but still did not remember his true bride, Elise. The prince danced with Elise alone until the night drew to a close and the princess took her leave.

The last night Elise found a gown that glittered like all the stars of heaven above and adorned herself with glittering diamonds to match. The prince took her arm the moment she entered the room and as they danced their first dance of the evening, the prince asked, "Who are you, my darling? I feel as though I have known you before." "Have you forgotten," she replied, "What I did when you left me?" She leaned toward him and kissed his left cheek. At once, a fog lifted from the prince’s eyes and he embraced his true bride. "I must stay here no longer," he declared and they left the ball and rode home to their own palace.

When they arrived they saw that the apple tree was in full bloom. Hundreds of glow worms were upon its branches, making the tree shine in the dark night. Elise and the prince were married that very night under the apple tree and they lived happily ever after.

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Blake Eliza said...

aww wow, terrific! So cute, I love all of the little illustrations