The True Bride (pages 11 & 12)

One day, the two were standing under an apple tree in the garden, talking, when the prince said to Elise, "I will go to my father and get his blessing for our marriage. Wait for me in the shade of this apple tree, for it will take but a few hours." "I will wait for you here," she replied, kissing him on his left cheek. "However, you must stay true to me and let no one kiss your left cheek but me." The prince agreed and went on his way. Elise waited patiently as the hours went by. The hours continued to pass until darkness fell over the garden. She waited from morning to night for three days. On the fourth day she determined that her beloved prince must have fallen into some grave misfortune and set out to find him.

The worried girl traveled far and wide across the land, searching for her beloved. Everywhere she went, she asked about the prince, but it was to no avail, for not a one had seen him. Devastated, Elise hired herself to a farmer as a shepherdess. A long while passed and Elise came to own a calf that when she sang, would kneel down and eat from her hand.

Little calf, come kneel down
Do not forget your shepherd maid
Like the kind and handsome prince
Who forgot the promise he had made

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