Well, we did not win the aspire one laptop comercial contest : ( We still feel like we did an excelent job though and it is a great addition to our portfolio since we are thinking of turning Morgan Media into an advertising/commision based company. So, shortly after receiving our generic "everyone did a great job, stay tuned to see who won" e-mail, we got another e-mail from the same guy from aspire one. Here is how it has played out so far...

Aspire one guy-
Although you were not one of the winners, I thought the creativity and the quality product was very good.
If you had hi res images and possibly a New Unit how much better could you make a video HD?

Let me know

The 3D model of the aspire one I made was based on the a coulpe of pictures I found on the sight. With demisions and better images I could have made the laptop more detailed. but without them I had to match his model with the scene I made for him. So yes I could make it better quality, possibly close to HD pending if my computer will render them. Why do you ask?

Aspire one guy-
Might be working on another project

our responce?...we like projects!!!

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Kris said...

I can't wait to hear what happens next?!