Last night we went to Fareway's fundraiser for muscular dystrophy. It was a bowling eevent and we brought Jayne because the other couple on our team was bringing their 1 year old. Jayne had such a blast! He loved feeling the air on his face and pointing at all the vending machines. We even let him take a few shots and his first one was a STRIKE!Adam and I each won a doorprize, so we came home with 2 brand new basketballs. Jayne was pretty happy about those too. We really had a nice night together as a family.

Unfortunately Jayne was sick and throwing up all day today : ( I snuggled with him on the couch all day long and that seemed to comfort him a lot. We finally got him off to bed and his fever is going down. Hopfully by tomorrow he will be almost as good as new.
Here are some pics from bowling...

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