Jayne Update

I have been so busy with my job and my book that I haven't done an update on Jayne in a while. That of course means there will be a LOT of pictures. Descriptions are under the pictures.
We finally found a hat taht Jayne will wear. We got 2 since he likes them so much. This one is Mater (from Cars) and the other is Lightning McQueen.

Jayne was being very quiet while mommy was doing some work. When I finally went in to check on his...this is what I found. I could barely keep from laughing! I said "oh Jayne" and he gave me the most pitiful "I'm sorry" face I ever did see : )

This one was a lot of fun...we went in to get Jayne one morning only to find him in his birthday suit! He held up his diaper and gave a long exasperated sigh : D

Jayne was being quiet in his room again and look where I found him this time!

We turned Jayne's crib into a big boy bed on his 18 month birthday. I ordered him some Diego saves the dinosaurs bedding that should be here by the middle of next week. I think he is going to love it. He really likes sleeping in his bed and he plays with his toys in the mornings so that I can get a little extra rest, works out great for all of us : )

Jayne is also getting all 4 of his molars in right now. I have been able to feel the points coming up for a couple days now but they aren't out yet. He has been a very good boy considering : )

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