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Potty Party

Here is some back story:

Jayne to an intrest in how the toilet works back in January, so we got out his potty chair. It is a cute little thing that makes all kinds of sounds and music. He started to play with it when we were in the bathroom and after a couple of weeks he wanted to try it out. So, we let him sit on it whenever it suited him and on Easter Sunday he finally went potty in the potty chair. We decided that since he went it was time to kick off potty training full force. We decided to have a big potty party for him to kick off his new phase in life and get him really excited to use the potty. We planned it for today, but in the meantime, he went in the potty on tuesday night and Saturday night.

We went shopping for all the potty party necesities on wednesday and Jayne really had a fun time picking things out. We got him 2 cars and 2 more books to have durring potty time to keep him occupied. The books he has now are, The Potty Train, Even Firefighters Use The Potty, and Cars look and find book. He really likes them all and especially likes pointing out the cars with Daddy. He likes the cars a lot too and they are sandbox cars wich are really easy to clean and that was an important element for us since they are for potty time.

When we woke up this morning (at 6:30am, yuck : P ) we heard "wa-wa, wa-wa", so we knew Jayne found his brand new Wall-e shirt. We went in and got a pic and turned him around. He was so excited about the Wall-e shirt that he didn't even notice the big Diego box in the very middle of the room! Then Wall-e was history because he saw a balloon in the box. Under the balloon was his big boy underpants. He was so excited about them that he sat down and tried to put them on himself with his diaper and jammie shorts still on, it was so cute. After that we directed him out to the living room full of balloons. He was so excited to see them, basically it was just a VERY exciting start to his day all around : )
He went potty in his potty chair right after his morning milk and got his potty cookie (1 everytime he makes a sincere effort at trying), a sticker for the callendar Daddy put on the bathroom door (1 for potty 2 for poop), and a dinosaur card (same as stickers). We also called Grandma and she was so excited for him, which made him extra proud of himself. He also went a little before supper and right before bed. We are so proud of him that he went 3 times in 1 day!
Some other fun activities we did with Jayne were...Make rice crispy bars, balloon war, noise makers, and we got 3 new DVDs to watch (Wow Wow Wubzy, Backyardigans, and Elephant Tales). We had a really fun and productive (potty training wise) day as a family. Here are some pics from the end of the day (Jayne's callendar and dinosaur cards):


Kris said…
Way to go Jayne!! Talk about a big developmental movement!

Good luck, and remember to relax and have fun with this... as frustrating and messy as it can be!

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