Day 2 (3 day potty training method)

Today went great! Jayne went to the potty 12 times and only had 6 accidents. He went more each time and held his potty a little longer between times. One of his times was even a poop. He has never done that before! There was still a lot of frustration for us but we tried to keep everything as fun as we could. We put Jayne in his room for nap time. I know we are terrible, but he didn't sleep and we left him in there for about an hour for all of us to have some quiet time. He did go in his diaper but that is okay. We did not wake him up last night and did not wake him early this morning. We had a very noisy thunderstorm and it kept us all up. So we all needed the extra rest. Tomorrow Adam goes back to work and I will be home with Jayne from noon till bedtime at 8. I am a little nervous about doing it myself but I think Jayne is going to do great : )

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