Day 3 (3 day potty training method)

Sigh! I am exhausted from 3 days of constant vigilange! Jayne was amazing today though. He went on the potty 9 times and had 3 accidents. I tried to get him down for a nap twice and both times he went in his diaper too, but still a great job today. I'll have to admit that the second "nap" was because I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. We did wake him up last night before we went to bed and he did go. Plus we did "doggies" which would be shadow puppet dogs on the bathroom door. He loves doing doggies that get to howl at the moon and talked about them all day : )

We have done a lot of laundry these last few days. we started out with 36 pairs of undies and have gone through them all at least once. It has been amazing to see his progress each day even though Adam and I are both quite tense. Jayne still will not go by himself, but he is telling us more often that he needs to go without us prompting him. He also asks us to leave the bathroom more often now so that he can have some privacy, hopefully that will translate into him doing the whole thing himself soon.

Here are the results from all 3 days:

Day 1
Accidents:15 +1 from durring the night

Day 2
Potty:12 +1 from durring the night
Accidents: 6 +1 night and 1 nap

Day 3
Accidents:3 +2 naps

Even though I am exhausted, I am very happy with the experience. If anyone wants further info or advise from me I am more than happy to share. And I will make sure to update later on about his continued improvement : )

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