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Day One (3 day potty training method)

We decided to try the 3 day potty training method to get Jayne the rest of the way potty trained. Here are the basics about how to do it...

You start each day by waking up your child a half hour before they normally would to go potty and put them in regular undies. You must use constant vigilance ALL day. That means you don't get to do anything for yourself for 3 days. No tv, computer, ect...or you are going to spend even more time cleaning up pee, because you will miss the cues. You also wake the child before you go to bed so they can go potty again.

We woke Jayne up at 6:30 which is much earlier than we like to get up, but it will be worth it in the end. He had a lot of accidents in the morning. He had 8 in just the first 2 hours! He steadly improved after that and actually told us a couple of times when he had to go. He had a total of 15 accidents. Now these were pee all over the floor and soaked undies type accidents. We did not count the few times that he got a little on his undies and then held it till he got to the bathroom and also didn't count the few times that he started peeing before he got all the way seated on the potty but was able to keep his pants dry. We felt that those were just part of him getting use to holding it where as the others he didn't even try to get to the potty until there was already a puddle on the floor. Obviously we spent a lot of time cleaning the floor today. He did go on the potty 10 times though! Plus, his last accident was at 1:30pm! He laid down for a 3 hour nap and was able to keep his diaper dry too (we are not going to sleep train till he is regular trained yet). So from 1:30 till 8pm he was accident free! It was a rough start in the morning bu tit is clear that he knows what is going on now because every time the pee comes out he shouts "YAY"!

We are very optimistic about tomorrow. He did better than I thought he would today and got lots of reeses peices, dino cards, and stickers. I can't wait to report the results tomorrow : D


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