Jayne is 2 now and sometimes it seems like he is constantly hurting himself. I love his owie fixer, almost as much as he does. We actually save a lot of money on band aids by having it. A kiss or a band aids makes the owie "feel better" even though they really don't ultimately. Now when Jayne gets hurt he always goes straight for the Owie Fixer, unless a band aid is actually needed of course. We keep the cover in the drawer with his plates and bibs and when he gets an owie we take it out and put the ice pack inside. Unlike the rice packs, which are great for their ability to heat, they use reusable ice packs and it is easy and inexpensive to have many packs on hand. All you really need is 1 cover and you can keep replacing packs as they warm up. They also do not use rice which is one of the highest methane producing plants, so they are a green option, especially compared to using actual ice.

We have many designs at The Crazy Elephant already and more designs are on the sewing pile now. I can only accomplish so much at a time after all. This is a must have item for everyone with children, that works with children, or that has the ability to get hurt. You know where I'm going with this, if you are human, you need one ; )

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