Jayne and Chaucer

Chaucer is getting to be a very old dog and his age is getting to him. In an effort to soften the blow if something happens, Adam told Jayne that he should make sure to give chaucer lots of love and say bye-bye to him every time we go somewhere just in case Chaucer is gone when we come back. So in Jayne's simple 2 year old wisdom he led Chaucer to a nice pile of blankets to lay on. Then he brought over a laundry basket and put it over Chaucer and said to him "No bye-bye Chaucer". I can't believe how sweet my little boy is. I think it was a great plan on his part, but I am not sure how well it will work in the end. I especially love how he made sure Chaucer was nice and comfy first. I suppose that helps him to not escape ; )

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