2 Weeks Down: A Year Without Spending

Another week has gone by and all is still well. We have been notified of a free waterbottle and a free buffet at Pizza Ranch from the home show since last week, yay! We have been playing Carcassonne a lot with the bros-in-law this week. Adam figured out a perfect way to make our own pieces and we will be designing our own expansions soon. We may make some other games too and it is a lot of fun to be using more of our creativity instead of perusing the mall. Yesterday we took Jayne (and 2 bros-in-law) to the children's museum. They have free admission every third sunday. Jayne was was scared of the dinosaurs, but they all had lots of fun overall. We had a picknic in the car for lunch and after had a visit to the Comom Zoo (free admin always). We saw the gorillas close up and the lion even roared us. It was was very exciting. We came home for a long nap and had a relaxing evening at home followed by more Carcassonne after Jayne's bedtime. Carcassonne is an amazing game, and we highly recomend it, fyi. We also went to the women's expo on Saturday and there we got info about what will be our first show with The Crazy Elephant. We are very excited to do a show, and will be spending a lot of the next two months making and designing product. We will share more details about the show closer to the may 22nd date : )

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