Day 1 with no shopping

Our fist day without shopping went spectacular! Quite often we spend sundays at the mall, playing and then window shopping. THIS sunday on the other hand, we started with a big breakfast and decided to get a head start on spring cleaning. We cleaned out the closets in Jayne's room and got most of our room cleaned out. Adam removed the yucky pink shag carpet from our bedroom floor to reveal the lovely hardwood that fills most of the rest of the house. We walked to New China down the street for a late lunch and ran around a baren parking lot with Jayne on the way home. Then naps, wonderful! We had popcorn and a movie with our projector for supper and when we got bored with the movie we went down to Jayne's classroom and did preschool till Jayne's bed time. Adam and I finished a little cleaning and made me a new driving CD after that then ended the night with a great game of Rock Band. I can't believe how much we did and it was really a great day.

In the process of cleaning we found several things that we would have bought because we never would have known they were in the house. They include: large diecast airplanes (will make great birthday gifts for Jayne), miniature games and toys that we bought when we were crazy teens (they fit just right in Jayne's easter eggs), and twine to tie up the carpet strips.

Adam also figured out a fantastic way to cut 3 months off of our 2 year plan! For those who don't know, I really want to be a stay at home mom and Adam and Jayne want that too. Once our credit cards are down to zero balance we will have enough income with Adam's job alone, alowing me to "quit my dayjob" and spend my days at home teaching Jayne and being able to put more focus on the crazy elephant. As you have probably figured out by now, that will take 2 years (hence the 2 year plan). Adam has not done the math on how our year without spending will actually affect the 2 year plan, but it can only help : )

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