A Year Without Shopping

Yesterday at work I read a great article from Good Housekeeping (sept 2009) and thought, "hey, we could do that". The article was called Our Year Without Spending. The family in the article decided not to spend except on edibles, depleatables, and necesities for work/school for 12 months.

After a long discussion last night we decided that we would follow suit. We will be using the same guidelines plus family outings are okay (including the hotel for the wedding this fall). The worst thing that can happen is that we will just stop and go back to normal...On the flip side, we could succeed in spending more time on family activities (less time shopping) and have more money to help us reach our financial goals. We are going to start on Sunday and I am actually looking forward to it : )

For anyone wondering about The Crazy Elephant, don't worry. We decided months ago that we had put enough of our own money into it and now only do what we can do with how much we make from it. The boutique is completely self sustaining at this point which is outstanding : D

I look forward to updating you all on our progress!

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Kris said...

Good luck! Sounds like a very interesting concept... I think I may try to adapt it to us in some way!