A Year without Shopping: Q & A 2

It has been nearly 2 months since we stopped shopping! The only thing outside our parameters was a pair of shoes for Jayne, but we did the best we could to avoid buying them. There has been so much interest in our little project and that makes it even more fun. We have had many questions, especially from co-workers, That I thought it was high time for another Q & A...

Q: How is it going?
A: Very Well! The longer we go, the easier it has become.

Q: What if Jayne needs new clothes?
A: I know that 2 year olds grow fast, but he has hand-me-downs from his 9 year old uncle and gets clothes from all the gift giving holidays as well.

Q:What about Jayne's up coming birthday?
A: We will be throwing a Ponyo birthday party complete with handmade favors for his little friends. We have a couple of things set aside for gifts that we got before we started and that we found in the house. We also might make a deposit into his college savings. We already have toys up to wazoo anyway.

Q: Isn't there anything you just want to buy?
A: I work in retail, so I am tempted with stuff every day. The first couple of weeks I found a lot of things that I wanted but I resisted the urge. Now when I look around I just see stuff. Our house is already full of stuff we don't need or use, why add to the pile? Basically, the longer you go, the less you find you want everything you see.

And last but not least, everyone's biggest concern...

Q: What about Christmas?
A: Every year people ask us what we want for Christmas and we never know because we buy all the things we really want. This year there are some board games we would like for us and some for Jayne. More clothes and educational toys would be nice for Jayne as well. For gifts we are giving, we already have some, but we will also be doing etsy shop trades and making homeade gifts as well.

As for all the people that have told us they could never do that...Have you ever tried? Then how do you know? I bet there are a lot of things you don't really need or ultimately really want that you buy, start cutting little by little and you can save your money for something you really want, like reducing debt, like us, or taking that great vacation you never thought you could afford : )

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