A Third of the Way

Well, we are a third of the way through our year without shopping. We have spent a little more here and there due to the upcoming wedding. Overall, it is still going well. We even changed our car and homeowner's insurance. We now have more coverage, but are saving roughly $1700 a year! I wish we had gotten off our duffs and done that sooner. We are also getting ready for Jayne's birthday. We are having his party at a park and he gets to invite friends for the first time. His party is Ponyo themed. Ponyo is a goldfish that turns into a little girl (think little mermaid) and Jayne adores the movie. We are going to make cupcakes that look like ham sandwiches (ponyo LOVES ham) and his favors are awesome. I didn't have to purchase anything extra to make them except to get the goldfish crackers. Each kid gets to bring home a Crazy Elephant snack sack (adorned with a still from the movie) with a bag of goldfish crackers and Ponyo and Soske (spelled phoenetically)finger puppets. I showed Jayne and he said "Great idea Meme". I am glad he approves : )

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