6 Months In

The not shopping thing has been an interesting ride so far. August was a little a little shakey, what with a wedding and birthday. We did end up spending some excess money, but not in the excessive amount we might have a year ago. I loved that we had enough money left over at the end of our pay period to stay at a lovely hotel for 2 nights for my sister's wedding and it didn't even mean scraping the bottom of the barrel. I don't think we will ever spend the way we did again. Adam even took another look at our timeline (he does every few month) and with all of our reduced payments (insurance, phone, ect) Our 2 year plan can actually be cut down to 1! What does that mean exactly? Come february, my income is no longer needed for us to live on. It means that I can finally be the stay at home mom and artist I have always wanted to be, YAY! I do really love my job at VS though, so I plan on keeping my regular hours until june when I stert Thursdays on first. At that point I won't have time to work very much with the demand I am anticipating from Thursdays on first. I think I might stay on though 1 or 2 days a week since I like it so much. I guess I will have to see what time brings.

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