Artfire's Spectacular Special

I have mentioned before that I have been loving Artfire and want to go pro. Now Artfire is doing a huge special where a pro account is only $5.99 a month! That is actually less than I ussually spend in fees on Etsy and offers so much more! The offer is good for anyone that has an Artfire shop (pro or not) and will start once they reach 20,000 registrants. I love that it is a locked in price, so my fee will not go up and that it is somewhat exclusive being that only 50,000 can partake in the amazing deal. I cannot wait and am already planning my shop upgrades even though the count is just over 5,000 at the moment. I am not really surprised at the amazing number of people signing up though (1000 in just a couple of days). While I love etsy, she was my first, I love how easy it is to list on Artfire. Once pro, you can actually upload from etsy to artfire, how great is that? You can customize your page so much more and really make it your own. While I will probably remain on both, I know my main focus will be Artfire once I go pro. I just hope the numbers climb quickly, because I have to save all my patience for my 3 year old and won't have much left for waiting ; )

If you have an Artfire account check out the deal here...
Don't have an Artfire account? Well, what are you waiting for? It is free for basic membership, that's no listing or transaction fees deary! Start sharing your gifts with the world!

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

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