Holiday Showcase: Amarama Art

What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?

I am a fiber artist who loves to wool sculpt.
The simple answer is I can make almost anything out of wool and I always love a challenge!
I make a variety of wool sculpted items from hand needle felted mini sock monkeys, poseable dolls, masks, hats to miniatures of animals and they are all made from hand needle felting wool. I make original designs and never try to make the same thing twice. This way each person gets their own unique piece of art.

What inspires your work?

A little bit of everything in life inspires me. Which is the beauty of wool sculpting since I never feel stuck in just one area of creating.
My children are a big inspiration for my artwork as well as my husband, sister and all things fantasy or of a science fiction nature.

Why is handmade important to you?

When one buys something that someone has handmade, they are not only supporting a fellow artisan they are supporting someones innovation and passion that the artist has put into their item.
I grew up in a household where my father was a sculptor and my mother was the sole bread winner as a teacher. We had to make everything count and always had a high importance on gifts that we hand made for others or that we recieved. The reason for this was because these gifts were made from the heart to be shared with others. That is how I feel about items I make today and why I am proud of them. Consistent quality with a touch of love is something I always aim for in my art.

Share a handmade gift that anyone can do!

Something that is cheap and easy to use around your house for polishing wood furniture or for dusting are old panty hose. Just cut them into hand sized squares. They work great for also getting the dust off of the TV screen or the dashboard of ones car.

Lastly, where can we find you?

You can find me at Etsy under the seller name AmaramAart

Or if you become a fan on FB I have a free give away for my 200th fan and then again for the 500th fan. These lucky winners will win any one FREE item from my store! Just look under AmaramA Art and become a fan on facebook.

Thanks for listening everyone and a merry day to all!

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Amara said...

Thanks again Michelle! Love your blog!! :D