Lunette: Lunar Probe (part 2)

Lunette watched as Jayne got smaller and smaller. The moon was getting closer and Lunette couldn't wait to see it up close. She wanted to see what was up there almost as much as the boy that created her. The moon kept getting bigger through the hatch until it was gigantic. Lunette had made it to the moon in the spaceship that Jayne had built.

The hatch opened with a whoosh and Lunette peeked her head out. The moon was big. It was really big. It was much bigger than Lunette had imagined. She was a little nervous because she was just a little robot and this was such a big, big place. Lunette thought of Jayne and how much he wanted to see what was on the moon. She decided to be brave and hopped out of the spaceship.

The first thing that Lunette noticed were all the rocks. "Jayne will love these," she thought. She started to gather the most interesting of the rocks to bring home. It was quite peacefull on the moon. With no one else there it was quiet and Lunette could really enjoy looking at the craters and the millions of stars overhead. She would have plenty of information to share with Jayne when she got back.

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