We still have feet of snow here in Minnesota, but I have got spring fever! I cannot wait to do spring cleaning. I love clearing out all the stuff that we don't use and opening all the windows to air out the whole house. I can't do that quite yet, but i have gotten a start on cleaning by getting a large mass of items that have never been attended to in the studio. I love the pear crates that Adam got me from work and as you can see in the photo they make great displays and organizational tools. Some of the crates are for fabric/supply organization only and the rest are used as displays when we do live shows. Adam put handmade shelves in some of them and they really look awesome on display. Plus they are super easy since I keep the products in them and on display so they are easy to find when I get an order online and when it is time to do a show, the boxes are already packed and ready to go!

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tina said...

I muust cleen my room to..