Robots on the Moon

This is our newest themed collection. Yolu may have noticed that we also have a pirate colection up in our shop. It will take some time to get our new collections properly filled out, but it does mean more to come.

Robots on the moon is devoted to, you guessed it, ROBOTS! The leader of the group is Lunette, whom you have all been reading about. Well, Lunette is available in our store now. Jayne's is already well loved and he brings Lunette everywhere and has to show everyone he passes his special robot!

She is the first of what will hopefully be many joint efforts by Adam and I. Adam knit the body with 100% cotton yarn, so she is super soft to snuggle. I stiched the eyes with felt that is made of 100% recycled bottles. I love knowing that the felt we used is recycled! It is the only kind I will buy now.

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