Tire Out Those Kiddos

We are all getting cabin fever at out house! The temp has been hanging around 0 for a while now and so it is just too cold to go outside and play. It can be hard for a little guy with unimaginable pent up energy and not a whole lot of room to burn it off in. So yesterday we played an amped up game of color race. I highly recommend it for small children and could be changed to alphabet race or number race or whatever for a higher difficulty level for school age children. It is Fun and educational!

What you will need:
Sheets of something that is colored (felt, construction paper, computer paper that has been colored on)
Multicolored counters (legos or any small colored pieces will work)

You sit at 1 end of the running area with a bucket or pile of counters. Your child says the color of the piece you are holding then has to run to place it on the matching sheet of paper that is on the other side of the running area. That is it! It is super easy and gets your kiddos running around. You can make it as easy or difficult as you like. Yesterday we made an obstacle course between me and the papers. There was a blanket to jump over and an art easel to crawl through. When he started to get bored, I started counting to 10 and if he could get back before I said 10, he could pick the next piece. Play ensued for 30 minutes straight and we played a second time as well.

Have fun racing and here's hoping no one suffers from cabin fever too badly this winter...after all, the ground hog says spring is coming early ; )

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