Lunette: Lunar Probe (part 3)

Lunette reached down to pick up one last rock when she saw something move from the corner of her eye. She jerked up and looked for a very long time. Then, when she had nearly given up looking, she saw a bit of green. Lunette was scared. She hadn't expected to find anyone else up here on the moon. Clearly her briefing had only covered the basics, there is the moon and bring back rocks.

The green thing was getting closer. It continued to move from behind one rock to another. Lunette was frozen with fear. There wasn't anyone to help her and there really wasn't anywhere to go since her ship was quite a way off now. Just then, the green thing came out from behind a close rock.

"Hello, I'm Bogart," said the creature. He was about the same size as Lunette and very round. He was not armed and did look friendly, so Lunette waved ever so slightly. "Where did you come from?" Lunette pointed at the earth, a small ball in the distance. Bogart continued, "I haven't seen anyone around here before. I came here from my home planet because I really love rocks and hadn't gotten any from here yet. My space craft crashed and now I am stuck here."

Lunette could tell how lonely poor little Bogart had been. He was all alone up here on the moon. It was true that there were some amazing rocks on the moon, but they aren't very good company. Lunette came up with a plan. She pointed to Bogart, then to her ship, and then to earth.

"You want me to go with you to earth," He asked. Lunette nodded. Bogart thought a moment and nodded in return. He really didn't want to stay alone on the moon forever and Lunette was such a nice robot. The two new friends walked hand in hand to the ship and took off toward home. Lunette looked out the window as the earth grew closer and knew that Jayne would be thrilled with the rocks she had gathered and they would have many fantastic adventures with their new friend.

The end.

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