Tour de Cure is Coming!

It is biking season and this year we are doing the Tour de Cure! I am so excited to be riding again. We haven't since we had Jayne, nearly 4 years ago.I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with him and type 2 diabetes runs in my family, so my chances of getting it later on are high. I have also known many kids over the years that have had type 1 and it is so hard for them. I ride so that we can find a cure for myself, in the future, but also for all those coping with diabetes now.

We are running a special at The Crazy Elephant. 10% of our sales (through May 14th) will be donated to the American Diabetes Association that includes live shows as well as and

Our team will be riding 32 miles in the Tour de Cure on May 21st and your support makes all the difference. You can make a monetary donation to any of our participants at the link below or even join our team. Please pass this information along. The more support we get, the sooner we can find a cure!

Top Gear team page link: (select a person on the page to make a donation to)

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