Making Goals

What a let down, and on my birthday too...But you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, turn them into hope and ambition!

That is what I am feeling right now and I have made a list of goals for myself to help me make The Crazy Elephant a hopping joint. I want to do well, and I know that means working as hard as I want to do well. I thought I would share my goals with all of you. It helps to get them out of my head and maybe it will help my fellow shop owners with ideas for their own shops.

*List/renew 1 item each day on at least 1 of my TCE sites

*List 1 new item per week on my art page

*Do 1 collection/treasury a week alternating between the 3 shops

*Blog at least 3 times per week (1 about treasury/collection, 1 for illustration friday, and 1 about whatever else is going on.)

*Keep my facebook pages updated

*Get more involved with each of my teams


Tricia said...

I like your goals! I think I need to make some small goals for each day/week instead of getting overwhelmed with all the to-dos that aren't getting done. Thanks for the inspiration! (Visiting from EtsyKids)

Michelle said...

Thanks! While I am not living up to that huge list, I have gotten into the habit of doing most of them. I shrunk my goal list down to fit a little better into my actual life. I would like to eventually build up to that goal list though : )