I have spent 2 days on this and I finally have it complete. I wanted to get The Crazy Elephant organized, and this is working awesome! It is super easy to make. All you need is a ruler, a notebook, and something to write with. I have a page for each kind of product I sell. Let me walk you through the sections...

Sold - This is where I can mark off sold items during shows. It makes it easier to make sure I don't have listings online that have already been sold. It will also give me a visual of what items sell best and what colors are most popular.

Item Description - This is where I describe the color or item in general.

Qty - This is where I put the amount that I actually have made, not how many I have supplies for or have cut out.

On Artfire - This is where I mark how many I currently have listed on Artfire.

On Etsy - This is where I put the amount I have listed on Etsy for that item.

To Be Listed - This is where I mark how many of that Item I need to list and where.

Everything in my chart is written in pencil so I can change it as I get the listings put in or make a sale. I can add new items as I make them and mark them off as they get listed. It is going to be so much easier to keep track of everything and I will be putting my notebook in the Crazy Elephant section of my Homemakers Journal, which I may be doing a separate post on.

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