Goals for July

It is time to come up with goals for the month. So, here goes...

Family: Spend more time together and try to take things a little more slowly. Also we are going to WI Dells for 3 days next week with my family.

Home: Just stay on track. Keep extra good care of the garden. Stay on top of the vacuuming to keep down on the earwigs. We don't want another invasion like last year! So far the cleaner house and weekly vacuuming is really helping.

Homeschool: Keep working on setting up Jayne's school year. I have 3 months ready to go. I would like to get a minimum of 8 weeks put together this month. Also, keep plugging away at head of the class.

The Crazy Elephant: Keep up with my 4 listings a week (not including the holiday and vacation weeks) and set aside at least one hour a week to create.

Blogging: The plan is to make my homeschool fun, stretch it, and collection posts a weekly thing with other posts (TCE updates, meme's (mommy to Jayne) day, and handmade finds, ect) mixed in.

Work: Attend

Money: Keep making it and paying down our bills. We are so very close and have worked so hard to get them down. We are also going to try to keep our vacation spending to a bare minimum. I will definitely update you all on how that goes...hopefully well.

What kinds of goals do you have? Feel free to leave a comment and share. Writing it down for others to see is a great way to keep yourself on track. You can also comment with a link to your own post about goals. Good luck everyone and stick with it!

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