Happy Birthday MB

A few days ago was the 6 year birthday of Morgan's Bubble! So much has happened since I first started my blog. When I first started posting I was still taking some college classes and was an aspiring artist. We had just started our animation company, Morgan Media, and were in the process of creating lots of fun cartoons. We got our first dog, Chaucer, and also had to say good-bye to him. We had our son, Jayne. Adam made a major career change that led us to put Morgan Media on the shelf. We have had several unfortunate happenings financially and have almost entirely turned them around. We got our new dog, Tucker. I became a homeschooling mommy and homemaking wife.

It is amazing what such a short amount of time can contain! Life just changes so much. I went from planning my next animation to planning a home and school. I sometimes miss the artist in me that wanted to be well known as an artist and make a living at it. Now I use my skills to teach my son a love for art and make educational tools to help him learn everything he needs to know. I really wouldn't change a thing. Everything happened right when it needed to and today is so very important as it is the day we affect the most!

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